Why You Should Work with Capstone IT for Your Staffing Needs

Why You Should Work with Capstone IT for Your Staffing Needs


To say the hiring the last few months is a challenge is an understatement. With employee turnover on the rise and talent acquisition challenges mounting, executives and decision makers are straining to build a team that is productive, innovative, and dedicated to their business goals.

Rather than hoping for different results from the same-old strategies, many business leaders are choosing to use IT staffing services as a relief from their hiring struggles. The advantages of working with Capstone IT are apparent. Here are four of the most common benefits we provide to our customers.

1.) Grow Your Business by Accelerating Time-to-Hire

Information technology positions tend to take about 44 days to fill, according to a LinkedIn survey, Capstone IT has calibrated and continues to grow our sourcing and screening process to extrude quality candidates in a shorter period of time while maintaining our quality pledge.

One reason candidate searches can drag on is that you are never guaranteed quality people from traditional recruiting sources, such as job boards. These recruiting channels can rake in a high volume of candidates. However, volume does not assure IT skills, aptitudes, or cultural alignment of these applicants.

We source and screen new and existing candidates focused on the capabilities you need to move your business forward. Our team gets to know your business, industry, goals, and challenges so we deliver the right talent expediting your hiring speed in a competitive market. Our Capstone IT recruiters utilize our pledge to the employee experience to engage and retain candidates during the hiring processes.

2.) Drive Efficiencies by Reducing Hiring Costs

Exceptional technical staffing firms make the process more cost effective than going it alone. Let’s start with expense associated with recruiting tools and technologies. The amount of different applications and platforms you need to source, screen, and manage the recruiting and selection process is staggering:

  • Applicant tracking systems to maintain talent pools
  • Job boards
  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Market research tools
  • Technical assessment tools
  • Workforce management platforms

Partnering with the right staffing firm saves your business thousands of dollars.

The flexibility of the approach Capstone IT uses goes further. Should you want to try before you buy, we offer the option of contracting before making a commitment to a full time hire. While you are getting to know a specific individual’s productivity and capabilities, the right staffing and recruiting partner will handle administrative expenses inclusive of the employer income and payroll tax obligations as well as any contributions to healthcare or other benefits. If and when you’re ready to commit to a full time hire, you can just transition the candidate from an IT consultant to a permanent employee. Along the way, saving money on all of those employee-related costs.

3.) Expand Your Talent Reach

There is only so much time you have to dedicate to recruiting. More than time, your network has limitations. You can leverage referrals from your team members – always a good practice – but even this approach depends on the willingness of employees to provide you with referrals as well as the size of your employees’ personal and professional networks.

The right staffing and recruiting partner treats networking and relationship building as their bread and butter. With the right team of recruiters working together, you see top talent possessing technical skillsets and uncover scarcer technical talent in the local or national market.

At Capstone IT, we go beyond this take it a step further. Our leadership team prioritizes hiring people who are dedicated members of their communities, who have taken the time to forge strong connections and proactively give back. What we call our Servant Partnership™ mentality is a significant reason why quality candidates choose to work with Capstone IT for years, allowing us to bring reliable and resourceful candidates to both our permanent and consulting opportunities.

4.) Mitigate Hiring Risks

Bad hires are every manager’s nightmares. A CareerBuilder survey found that a bad hire can cost a business $14,900 on average. It is vital it is for your company to eliminate candidates who are a bad fit, or in some cases outright fraudulent, from their consideration. Since candidate validation is a big part of the talent acquisition process, the right staffing partner can save you time and effort by eliminating candidates who lack the foundational criteria you desire.

With the volume of candidates that we are interacting with on a regular basis, we get to see the difference between those who are falsifying their skillset and those who are the super stars. We also know which signs to look for during our selection process that indicate which candidates might be receiving interview answers from an off-screen source.

In fact, Capstone IT’s quality pledge takes this process a step further. We use a battery of technical assessments for our candidates and the keen eyes of our internal Subject Matter Experts to spot talented people who possess genuine expertise and aptitude for the task ahead, mitigating your overall risk.

Why Work with Capstone IT

From speed and reach to cost and quality, we partner to enhance your overall candidate search experience. The challenge is finding one that is capable of elevating your capabilities and overall company growth. We present people who can transform the way you do business. In short, you need to find the right partner that delivers on their assertions – and happy customers that get the best ROI out of the arrangement.

Want to learn about why our customers choose Capstone IT? Discover how IT staffing team was able to help a retail giant find scarce IT professionals capable of delivering a higher ROI.


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