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Who Is Capstone IT?

At Capstone IT, we are driven by the belief that true transformation begins with recognizing the real human beings and stories behind every organization and professional we partner with. Our mission is to empower these individuals with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled opportunities for success, growth, and achieving something greater.

Since 1999, our trusted team of IT professionals has been unlocking the potential of businesses by seamlessly integrating technology and human resources. We align your technical capabilities with the unique needs of your organization, empowering your business to not just succeed but to grow and aspire to something bigger.

Our specialized IT staffing services are designed to fill critical skills gaps, leveraging our expansive network of IT professionals. We’ve built our reputation on continuous innovation, problem-solving, and helping clients thrive. With rigorous quality control, we ensure the right fit for your organization. We understand your business from a technology perspective, conducting thorough tech skills testing and screenings to match you with candidates who can achieve your goals.

At Capstone IT, we go beyond staffing expertise; we act as a partner in your endeavors. We prioritize your needs, celebrating your successes as our own, and doing everything we can to help your business maintain long-term momentum. 

When you partner with us, your not only gain access to a wide range of technical professionals, from IT managers and CIOs to software developers and CTOs, but you also experience the advantage of our years of experience in delivering high-quality IT projects. Our innovative processes, and approach ensure that your partnership with us is transformative, where technology meets human potential, and success knows no bounds.

Reach out to Capstone IT to discover how our IT staffing and solutions can elevate your business to new heights. Experience the difference that comes with a partner who understands the essence of true transformation.

A Note from our CEO

Jim Richards

Growing up on a farm in Nebraska, I was taught to value hard work, honesty, and integrity. These values have shaped the way I approach business and the culture we have built here at Capstone IT. Since our founding in 1999, we have stood by the statement, “We do what we say and say what we do. We keep our promises and guarantee that we will deliver beyond client expectations.” That’s why Integrity and Servant Partnership™ have been the foundational philosophies for Capstone IT.

Servant Leadership, in our opinion, is the best leadership style. Because we believe in Servant Leadership, we have coined the term Servant Partner™. A Servant Partner™ shares risks and rewards with their partner, puts the needs of the partner first, and helps the relationship develop and perform as effectively as possible. I truly believe in the Servant Partner™ mentality and I see that same mentality in the individuals with whom we do business.

Capstone IT is committed to developing long-term relationships through our focus on continued client success. We apply seasoned IT knowledge and expertise to deploy high value technology solutions that help our clients maximize IT investments and drive greater business value across their organizations. Our goal is to give leaders at all levels of the organization the tools to make intelligent business decisions to more effectively capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities. With hard work, honesty, and integrity as the basis of our business, we serve our clients and seek to provide them with the best opportunities. Whether you are looking for a valued technology partner or are seeking an employer that truly values its employees, I believe Capstone IT can meet your needs. Feel free to explore our website and do not hesitate to contact me.


Jim Richards

CEO, Capstone IT

Our Values

Capstone IT is your Servant Partner. Your needs come first, and your success is paramount to our own. 

Our values aren’t just aspirational taglines – we quite literally do what we say and say what we do. And we’re here to serve you.

Act selflessly and serve others with humility
Demonstrate empathy and understand others perspectives.
Drive execution and get it done the right way.
Model integrity and always do the right thing.
Be forthright and say what needs to be said.

Our Uniques

Intentional processes and approaches help to elevate the results of any IT project. Here are the unique traits that positions Capstone IT to deliver what’s best for your business. 

About Us

Servant Partnership

a radical approach to shared success

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our commitment to unbeatable results

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Employee Experience

the heart of exceptional work

Contractor Care

Our work is exceptional because we invest in the professional and personal fulfillment of our consultants. When they feel satisfied with their work and their lives, they’re willing and energized to overcome challenges and approach your pressing goals with creativity and resilience. 

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