The Solution to Legacy App Modernization When You Can’t Find Top Talent

The Solution to Legacy App Modernization When You Can’t Find Top Talent


Imagine this. Your business has identified a clear bottleneck in your sales process AND a liability for your customer experience: it’s your sales platform and operating system. You’ve relied on legacy platforms for too long and consumer expectations have surpassed what you’re currently providing. Clearly, it’s time to modernize, but you no longer have the in-house talent for legacy app modernization. Worse yet, the local talent pool is scarce for the technical skillsets you need.

What do you do? Do you continue to deal with the talent shortage on your own? Or do you reduce your hiring expenses and timeline by engaging a staffing partner?

When one of our retail clients in the Heartland was in this situation, they reached out to local IT staffing services teams to find to supply a group of professionals with AS/400, Java, and Linux experience. Many of the vendors they contacted were unable to find technical talent that fit the bill or actually shared their core values.

Finally, one of the client’s stakeholders suggested working with Capstone IT. They had heard of our strong reputation with clients in the Kansas market, commitment to fulfilling our promises, and drive for results. With the difficulty they encountered in their initial search, they were willing to embrace new strategies and put their faith in our business.

What were the results?

You can find out by downloading your free copy of our case study, “Retail Giant Finds Scarce IT Talent & Modernizes In-Store Operations with Capstone IT’s Staffing Solutions”. We outline how our technical recruiting solutions delivered results for the client’s team and helped them to create a more customer-friendly experience for consumers visiting their various locations.

Ready to see the difference that Capstone IT makes for our clients? Download the case study and learn about our client’s success.



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