Capstone IT 2021 Team Retreat – How We Continue to Grow and Exceed Expectations

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Every company has expectations for how they want to grow and what they want to achieve, but this last year has shown how the world sometimes has a different plan. At Capstone IT, we’ve been diligent, resourceful, and blessed to make it through to the other side, and so much of that has been a result of the selfless and forthright execution of our team.

As we’re getting back in the office after our annual Capstone IT 2021 Team Retreat, it’s clear just how much our culture and values have sustained us this year – and how they’ll help us achieve bigger and better things in the years to come.

A Weekend of Fun and Fellowship

Our 2021 Team Retreat was held at Lied Lodge in Nebraska City, the birthplace of Arbor Day. On their 250 acre farm, we did everything from talking shop and reviewing our current state of the business to building stronger connections and even square dancing. As always, it was a great time, allowing us to deepen the bonds that keep Capstone IT responsive and strong, as well as just make fantastic memories with one another.

Capstone IT 2021 Team Retreat – How We Continue to Grow and Exceed Expectations

One activity that resonated this year was our tree planting ceremony, where our team helped fortify the growing forest thriving in this beautiful and historic corner of Nebraska. With the storms that blew through Omaha a few weeks back, uprooting otherwise healthy and majestic trees, it felt appropriate to contribute to the local ecosystem in a way that helped rebuild what was lost.

More than just an eco-friendly act, our tree-planting was a reminder of the importance of collaboration. Often companies, like trees, are so focused on developing a higher and wider reach, stretching upward and outward for a better place under the sun, that they ignore some key fundamentals.

Sometimes, they neglect to build a deep enough web of connecting roots or develop a shared canopy with neighboring trees, both of which provide strength in numbers and prevent irreparable damage from the occasional ill wind. It’s when businesses behave as if they are an assembled forest rather than a singular towering tree that they can continue to thrive, come rain or shine, good days or bad.

A Year of Growth and Performance

It’s because of our commitment to shared success and our employee experience that we’ve already surpassed many of our goals this year. At almost three-fourths of the way through 2021, Capstone IT has already exceeded our revenue projections for both our IT solutions and IT staffing sides of the business. With our dedication to improving our operational processes, technological tools, marketplace reach, and employee experience, we plan on maintaining this momentum into 2022.

Moreover, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that achieving this level of success is contingent upon the passion and loyalty that our people bring to work every day. At the 2021 Team Retreat, we were able to honor and celebrate several anniversaries of our hard-working and dedicated team members.

For those who made our 2021 Team Retreat such a pleasure, we want to say thank you. We look forward to adopting to the changing winds together while holding on to the core values that make us exceptional.

Want to learn more about the Capstone IT team and our latest wins? Check out our company page to learn our story and discover what makes our culture exceptional.


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