August 2021

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Capstone IT 2021 Team Retreat – How We Continue to Grow and Exceed Expectations

Every company has expectations for how they want to grow and what they want to achieve, but this last year has shown how the world sometimes has a different plan. At Capstone IT, we’ve been diligent, resourceful, and blessed to make it through to the other side, and so much of that has been a result of the selfless and forthright execution of our team.

As we’re getting back in the office after our annual Capstone IT 2021 Team Retreat, it’s clear just how much our culture and values have sustained us this year – and how they’ll help us achieve bigger and better things in the years to come.

How to Hire Faster: 5 Hiring Techniques to Win Top Talent

How to Hire Faster: 5 Hiring Techniques to Win Top Talent


These days, just about every business leader has a common challenge: finding technical professionals to fill their open roles and harness economic opportunities. On a national scale, we are in a challenging situation, where the overall unemployment rate is at 5.5%, and job opportunities are unfilled.

Since the unemployment rate for the tech industry is at 2.4%, there’s even more of a struggle to attract and hire technical talent for the post-pandemic boom. When companies like yours find key talent, there’s a high risk that those very candidates will vanish unless you are the first to reel in your net. That’s why you need to always act with urgency and employ hiring practices that reflect that mindset.

Whether you’re dealing with the current shortage or a more robust talent pool, it’s imperative to move fast when you find the perfect person. In our experience, here are a few strategies that your organization can utilize as you determine how to hire more quickly.