Celebrating the Spirit of the Christmas Season with Capstone IT

Celebrating the Spirit of the Christmas Season with Capstone IT

Christmas is a time of real joy and deep meaning for billions of people all over the world, where we honor the birth of Jesus the Savior King more than 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem. In addition to the true spirit of the season, it’s also an opportunity to honor the incredible people in our lives and celebrate the virtuous acts done by our brothers and sisters in the community. So, here are the people and organizations that continue to inspire us this Christmas season.

Omaha Charities We Admire & Support

For millions of Americans, this year has been one of acute need, but many generous souls have answered the call and reached out to help their neighbors in need. In fact, throughout our own local community, many organizations have worked to serve the physical, economic, and spiritual needs of those struggling most in 2020.

Though there are plenty of exceptional non-profits to celebrate, here are a few of the best Christian charities in the Omaha area we’d like to call attention to this year.

Child Saving Institute

Each child deserves a safe and happy childhood. The Child Saving Institute works to cater to the holistic needs of children and their families, offering a range of services, from adoption facilitation to foster care to teen programs and emergency shelters. For those eager to support a cause that protects some of the most vulnerable members of our communities, you can donate here.

Open Door Mission

Homelessness and poverty are part of a vicious cycle. Members of the Open Door Mission heed the call to defend the rights of the poor and needy, offering hope and healing across their services. At their Lydia House Women & Family Center, they provide a safe space for women and families dealing with abuse, addiction, and the struggles of maintaining steady employment. You can support their mission, giving your time or financial support, here

Omaha Street School

Education is a gateway, but not every child has access to the same resources. At the Omaha Street School, at-risk students are given hope through a comprehensive approach that contributes to their physical, spiritual, academic, vocational, and social wellbeing. Whether you want to volunteer your time and talents or donate, you can start your giving here.

That’s just a glimpse at some of the exceptional charities we admire and have chosen to support in 2020. Organizations like Hogar de Vida, Siena Francis House, and others require support for their causes during this time of need.  We encourage you to take a look at the impact of these exceptional organizations.

2020 Capstone IT Performance Awards

Our ability to serve people through the power of technology starts with the exceptional people in critical positions throughout Capstone IT. They go the extra miles to build long-term relationships and embrace our Servant Partner™ mentality.

Our annual Christmas Party gives us an opportunity to highlight their performance, and this year was no exception. Hosting a virtual event, we celebrated the following team members in our 2020 Capstone IT Performance Awards.

Peak Performer Award

This award goes to our top performing sales leaders, professionals who distinguish themselves by meeting and exceeding their sales goals at a quarterly and annual sales level. This year, Trevor Martin and Kimberly Parks stood out as exemplary members of our sales team, maintaining a steady flow of business during an unpredictable year.

Summit Award

This award is dedicated to our top performing recruiters, bringing in professionals who share our “partner first” mentality. This year, Chris Cabe and Molly Morrissey won our Summit Award by meeting and exceeding their quarterly and annual recruiting goals. Our customers and top IT candidates are achieving major milestones thanks to the hard work of these two recruiters.

Pinnacle Award

Our Pinnacle Award, formerly known as the Integrity & Excellence Award, goes to members of our team who demonstrate and live our core values. Kyle Beswick, David Cottle, Lisa Cox, Lynn Kvigne, Nagesh Loka, Shahab Mufti, Eric Owens, Ryan Palmer, Isai Peralta, Dick Rasmussen, Jairo Silva, and Xiaoying Zhou all earned recognition this year for their significant contribution to our servant leadership, profitable growth, and the performance of Capstone IT as a whole.

Final Message

Over the next few weeks, we know you’ll be busy celebrating the holiday in your own way, showing gratitude and grace to those you love. That’s why we have a simple message for you and yours now: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Want to stay in touch with the latest achievements of our team or stay connected with some of the best Christian charities in our local community? Follow them at these social media handles:



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