I have a lot to be thankful for

In the days leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, I want to talk about being thankful.  This is not your typical tech blog post.

Today my wife Sharon and I both went outside into the front garden to trim back the shrubs, prune the rose bushes, and remove all the debris from our summer plants.  It was a pleasant afternoon with a cool breeze in the air.  The sun shone on my back and warmed me as I worked.  With a pair of leather gloves and some pruning shears in hand, we made short work of the fall garden cleanup.  Sharon and I enjoy our time together and especially working together on our property.

It was so nice outside that I decided to mow my lawn for probably the last time in 2019.  I really enjoy mowing, especially when I see the results of a nicely striped and manicured law. Sharon thinks it’s all because of a John Deere Z445 zero turn riding lawnmower in which I zip around my yard at 8 mph! I cannot deny that she is partially right. But there is also enjoyment in being outside and cutting out all the other noise in life and having space to think.  Sometimes I am thinking about work, a side business, family, God, friends, or what I’m going to eat as soon as I’m done mowing.  Other times I enjoy listening to a good podcast.  Learning something new while you are enjoying the great outdoors is always a good thing.

Wood working is probably my oldest hobby and one that I am ready to get back to again soon.  Over the years I have crafted many unique pieces including a Coca-Cola clock, a baby changing table, and bunk-beds from oak pallets.  There is something extremely satisfying to work with my hands to design, cut, sand, and assemble wood pieces to form a one of a kind table.  When I apply a dark stain to crafted piece of oak, I am always amazed at the beauty of the wood grain and its pattern.  The final coats of a polyeurethane take much patience, lots of sanding and dusting, and several coats to finally bring out the full lustre.

Sharon and I have raised 6 children and all but one are off on their own now.  We attempt to maintain a bi-weekly rhythm of hosting our children and their families to come have a home cooked lunch at our house on Sunday’s after church.  There is always good food, lots of noise, plenty to talk about and catch up with each other about our lives.  We even have two grandchildren that are pure joy to be around and to love on.  I have even shared with my grandson Samuel the joy of riding on my lawnmower.  What boy wouldn’t want to ride on a “power tool”?

So why am I telling you about the things I enjoy?  Because I want you to think about your life.  I want you to think about all the good things that you enjoy.  I want to share with you just some of the things I am grateful for.  In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I am sure we all have a lot to be thankful for. In the book of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 it says “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

So, here are a few more things I am thankful for.

  • My wife, who is also my best friend and my favorite person to hang out with.
  • My family, that keeps growing with new additions every year.
  • My friends that know me and challenge me to be a better me.
  • My church and community where we live, thrive, support and encourage each other.
  • A warm and comfortable house to live in with everything we need.
  • My truck that gets me to and from work, the grocery store, visiting my mom, and all the other things.
  • A job that pays well and keeps food on my table and a roof over my head. By the way, I work for Capstone, and this is their blog site.

I have worked for Capstone IT for many years. It is a place where many have sustained employment in the latest and exciting new technologies.  We at Capstone love to build and especially to help our clients in their endeavors.  We love to see our clients succeed.

Speaking of which, I am thankful for all my clients, Capstone’s clients.  I have worked at so many places over the years and met so many people.  I have worked with the best at many of my client sites and enjoyed my time and even count many as friends.

Being thankful breeds an attitude of gratitude.  A life of gratitude leads to happiness and joy.  I am not saying everything in life will be easy or simple.  But you can have joy in all circumstances.

So, what are you thankful for?  Drop me a note thru email or reply to this blog post and let us know what you are thankful for.

Mark Miller
Solutions Architect
Docker Accredited Consultant