6 Ways to Win IT Talent in the Growing Salt Lake City Tech Hub

6 Ways to Win IT Talent in the Growing Salt Lake City Tech Hub

The Salt Lake City tech hub has experienced extraordinary growth in recent years. Businesses are flocking to SLC—taking advantage of affordable real estate, state-sponsored financial incentives, and the vibrant tech community—bringing a 12% increase in tech jobs that far surpasses the national average.

The rise in job openings presents a challenge for local companies: Competition for top IT talent is growing. And in a city with particularly high rates of remote workers, finding qualified local professionals will become an even more significant concern.

At Capstone IT Staffing, our experienced technical recruiters have successfully placed countless candidates in hard-to-fill IT positions for companies throughout the Salt Lake City metro area. Leveraging their recruiting insights, we’ve compiled six tips for hiring tech talent in SLC.

1. Engage Soon-to-Be Tech Grads

Salt Lake City now has more tech degrees per capita than any other major city. However, as demand for IT talent grows, top-performing graduates may already have opportunities lined up before they turn the tassel. Businesses can strengthen their local recruitment efforts by regularly connecting with tech students from University of Utah, Westminster University, and other SLC colleges, vocational schools, and coding bootcamps.

In addition to offering internships, tech leaders can partner with educators to host on-campus workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities. These in-person engagements can help companies deliver value and gain exclusive access to soon-to-be tech grads.

2. Leverage Social Media

Utah is experiencing a rapid influx of young professionals. In 2021, the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute reported the largest percentage of “in-migrants” were aged 29 and under—many holding bachelor’s degrees and moving for career-related reasons. Today, the state boasts the lowest median age in the country at 31.3 years old.

Leveraging social platforms is key to attracting these budding professionals. Younger generations view social media as an important resource in their job search—48% of Gen Z and millennial workers have applied to job opportunities discovered through this channel.

Tech companies in Salt Lake City can keep their recruiting strategies fresh by sharing IT job openings, experimenting with short-form video, and engaging in conversations with potential candidates across social channels. Use Utah-specific hashtags like #SaltLakeCity and #SiliconSlopes to connect with more professionals in your local community.

3. Partner with Tech Organizations in Salt Lake City

As the Salt Lake City tech hub grows, professional organizations are bringing IT workers together. Getting involved with groups like Utah Tech Council and Women Tech Council can help your business connect with prospective candidates and become a widely recognized employer in the SLC area. Becoming an active contributor to the tech community and providing value to all active participants is key to nurturing local IT talent long-term.

4. Integrate Purpose into Your Employer Brand

Do your careers provide employees with a sense of purpose? As employees increasingly seek meaningful careers, companies need to integrate a higher purpose into their employer brands. In Salt Lake City, this is especially critical—a recent survey found Utahns prioritize sharing morals and values with the people around them far more than other characteristics.

Leverage your careers pages, social media pages, and other marketing channels to highlight your company’s mission, purpose, and values. Share community initiatives that showcase your dedication to your purpose and explain how employees have taken part.

5. Attract Out-of-State IT Talent

If you want to hire tech talent fast, your company can consider expanding its search beyond state borders. Recruiting out-of-state IT talent can be an excellent way to overcome the growing tech skills gap in SLC.

Relocation packages and competitive compensation can both encourage candidates to make the move. Highlighting the benefits of life in Salt Lake City, from low and declining crime rates to affordable cost of living and outdoor recreation, can further attract out-of-state applicants.

6. Work with an IT Staffing Firm

Recruiting local IT talent can take a significant time investment—especially in an area with rapidly growing demand for tech professionals. However, an experienced IT staffing firm provides an expansive network of technical professionals, helping your business swiftly hire workers with the right skills. Knowledgeable technical recruiters can further conduct rigorous coding tests to ensure your business is matched with top-performing talent—because a speedy hire shouldn’t mean settling for second best.

Elevate Your Search with Capstone IT Staffing

The booming Salt Lake City tech hub has encouraged exciting developments across the city and collaboration between professionals in the field. However, as growth continues, companies seeking IT talent must be prepared for rising hiring challenges and seek new opportunities to engage skilled tech workers.

Capstone IT Staffing provides the technical staffing expertise businesses need to effectively scale their IT teams—whether a project calls for development skills or C-suite leadership. Our recruiters located right in Salt Lake City can provide immediate support for your tech workforce needs and tailor our hiring efforts according to your project demands.

Strengthen your SLC recruiting efforts. Reach out to Capstone IT Staffing about your IT hiring needs.