IT Recruiting in Kansas City: How to Attract & Engage Local Tech Talent

IT Recruiting in Kansas City: How to Attract & Engage Local Tech Talent

City of Fountains, Heart of America, Paris of the Plains—Kansas City is a place of many names. And yet as KC emerges as a leading destination for innovative companies and IT professionals, few words describe the city as well as “emerging tech hub.” The Kansas City technology sector contributed $13.4 billion to the local economy in 2022 alone.

But rapid growth presents a new challenge for KC companies: hiring local IT talent. Technical professionals are rising in demand across industries, keeping competition fierce for the relatively scarce number of qualified workers in the area. What’s more, 20% of Kansas City tech employees are opting for remote jobs (often with companies in other states), exacerbating the shortage even further.

So, how can businesses get the local talent they need? Our technical recruiters at Capstone IT Staffing successfully fill critical tech positions—from software developers to CTOs—for companies across the KC metro area each day. Here are four actions our recruiting experts recommend for effective IT recruiting in Kansas City.

1. Foster an Inclusive Multigenerational Culture

The average age of KC employees is increasing every year. In the Kansas City metro area, 27.7% of the workforce is aged 55 or older—more than 4% higher than the U.S. average. However, ageism remains one of the most persistent issues in IT recruiting. Companies that wish to attract more tech workers in Kansas City must foster a strong multigenerational culture that welcomes the aging workforce.

Assessing your employer brand across marketing channels is an essential priority. Does your company display images of employees from diverse age groups? Do your job descriptions use universally appealing language? Putting your inclusivity on display—and making the cultural adjustments required to align with your refreshed employer brand—can help you engage older employees.

Consider the workplace benefits your business highlights, too. Seasoned applicants may be especially interested in “reverse mentorship” programs, which allow them to pair up and learn new technologies or tactics from peers regardless of seniority. While these older candidates often offer a wealth of IT skills and leadership experience, the proliferation of technology has increased specialization. Employees will always have more to learn, no matter their age, and continuous learning opportunities enable them to keep pace with the evolving technology sector.

2. Source IT Job Candidates from Other States

While the importance of attracting older candidates cannot be understated, Gen Z and millennial candidates undeniably represent the future of the tech workforce. However, Kansas City universities have struggled to attract enough tech students to meet local workforce demands. Even if all soon-to-be computer science graduates accepted local positions, KC Tech Council reports the region would still fall short of filling tech job openings.

For local businesses, sourcing candidates from other states—especially young talent—has become a critical IT recruiting strategy. Companies can leverage targeted ads, local job boards, and social media to attract out-of-state workers. Promoting relocation benefits and highlighting the perks of Kansas City, from the low cost of living to the thriving cultural scene, can further expand interest in local positions.

3. Engage Local High School Students in STEM

Efforts to build student interest in the IT field are successfully contributing to the health of the Kansas City tech hub. STEM programs like Project Lead the Way have measurably increased the number of high school graduates enrolling in college and declaring STEM majors. They’re set to lessen the future impact of the tech skills gap.

When you actively provide technical education opportunities to high school students—and engage them throughout their college careers—you’re not just helping Kansas City prosper. You’re also building long-lasting candidate pipelines by developing strong relationships with the future tech workforce in KC.

Simple contributions can be effective. Businesses can take part in local mentorship opportunities, present to STEM classes and clubs, or host occasional workshops at nearby high schools. These hands-on activities allow employers to steadily grow and nurture their contact lists.

However, companies that want to invest even more in this long-term IT recruitment strategy can develop their own robust programs or summer camps—perhaps joining the KC STEM Alliance to reach even more students, parents, and educators. Taking this extra step can further help you identify top high school graduates who are well-suited for internships and, eventually, a full-time career.

While investing in high school students may not reap immediate results, it can quickly boost employer brand recognition and enable employers to build rapport with rising tech talent before their competitors do.

4. Work with an IT Staffing Firm

When you need immediate support for an upcoming IT project or a long-term placement for your growing tech needs, working with an experienced IT staffing firm is the most effective recruiting strategy. Technical staffing companies help you hire tech talent fast by building and nurturing a large network of candidates—each with diverse skillsets that can fit your exact needs. Those with both a local and national presence, like Capstone IT Staffing, are well-connected within and beyond Kansas City.

Great staffing firms go beyond connecting you with qualified candidates. They conduct rigorous coding tests to ensure they provide the best of the best. And they assess experience, skills, and culture fit to place IT workers who can contribute to your long-term business goals.

Build Your Technical Workforce with Capstone IT Staffing

The challenge of IT recruiting in Kansas City will grow in the future, but continuous efforts to recruit diverse, high-performing tech talent can help your company compete in the long term. Businesses that show a willingness to invest in IT skills development—for current employees and rising workers—can effectively position themselves as destination workplaces.

At Capstone IT Staffing, our experienced technical recruiters can provide tailored IT staffing solutions for your project and business needs. Our Kansas City office—located right in Overland Park—is prepared to connect your company with work-ready tech candidates, even for hard-to-fill positions.


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