Women’s History Month: Honoring the Women Who Drive Our Success

Women’s History Month: Honoring the Women Who Drive Our Success

At Capstone IT, we pride ourselves on upholding strong values and fostering an environment for all who share those values of selflessness, empathy, execution, integrity, and forthrightness. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we are honored to recognize and highlight the contributions of five exceptional women who have greatly impacted our organization over the years.

We have named these individuals as our newest Ascent inductees, a title awarded to Capstone IT team members based on their outstanding qualifications, including:

  • Their alignment with our core values
  • Their tenure of three or more years with Capstone IT
  • Their standing as respected leaders in their respective fields

2023 Ascent Inductees

We are proud to announce our 2023 Ascent inductees, whose achievements and leadership have made a significant impact on our organization:

Ms. Kimberly Parks has achieved noteworthy accomplishments throughout her professional career. At Capstone IT, she earned the coveted Peak Performer Award eight times as the top salesperson in her region. Her sales success places her within the top 1% of performers in her industry. Additionally, as Director of the North Branch, Ms. Parks exemplifies Capstone IT’s core value of Execution by consistently delivering results that surpass expectations. Her outstanding contributions will undoubtedly continue as she approaches nine years with Capstone IT.

Ms. Lynn Kvigne has made exceptional contributions to Capstone IT, as evidenced by her remarkable track record. She is a four-time recipient of Pinnacle Award, an annual accolade presented to the top 7% of consultants in Capstone IT, which makes her the most awarded among her peers. Ms. Kvigne’s consistent high customer evaluations attest to her exceptional abilities as an Agile and Servant Partnership Leader. She models the value of Selflessness by generously sharing her expertise with others. Her dedicated service and unwavering commitment have spanned 12 years of employment with Capstone IT.

Ms. Becky Fields made a significant impact during her tenure at Capstone IT. As a two-time recipient of the Summit Award, which is presented to top recruiters in the firm, she demonstrated outstanding performance, distinguishing her as a top-performing member of the team. Ms. Fields played an instrumental role in the establishment of Capstone IT’s recruiting team, in which she developed the company’s recruiting processes. Her contributions have been critical to the success of the organization. Ms. Fields was a valuable team member at Capstone IT for five years who modeled Execution as she brought her exceptional skills and expertise.

Outstanding Board of Advisors Members

We also honor two women who serve on our Board of Advisors

Ms. Sharyl Ronan is the CEO at Hillcrest Health Services, where she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and guided her team through the significant challenges of providing senior healthcare during the pandemic. Her extensive experience and expertise in leadership and entrepreneurship make her a valuable advisor to Capstone IT. She gives the company valuable insights into scaling, capital management, and leadership development. As a member of the Board of Advisors, Ms. Ronan contributes her knowledge and insights to help guide the company’s strategic direction. Her three years of service on the board have been key in advancing the company’s goals and objectives.

Ms. Cheryl Jones is a highly accomplished Executive IT and Transformation Consultant with extensive experience in Agile coaching and delivery. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Capstone IT, particularly in change and communication management, strategic planning, and IT executive customer experience. Her insights have proven invaluable in helping the company navigate complex challenges and achieve its strategic objectives. As a member of the Board of Advisors, Ms. Jones provided dedicated service to Capstone IT for four years.