Capstone IT Announces Kimberly Parks as New Director of North Branch

Capstone IT Announces Kimberly Parks as New Director of North Branch

OMAHA, Nebraska — Capstone IT, a leading provider of IT solutions and staffing, has named Kimberly Parks as the new director of its North branch. Parks will add this responsibility to her current duties as senior director of business development for the Midwest-based firm, and the promotion comes after almost nine years of hard work and dedication.

Capstone IT Announces Kimberly Parks as New Director of North Branch

During that time, Parks was responsible for driving Capstone IT’s digital expertise and ensuring the company remained on track while garnering a robust comprehension of the business challenges unique to Omaha’s market. Her work has benefited the local community as well as her own career, making the promotion more than warranted.

“From the very beginning, Kimberly’s commitment to our radical brand of Servant Partnership was evident,” said Jim Richards, president of Capstone IT. “It’s one thing to work hard to further your career, but it’s quite another to have the internal drive to ensure we all share in that success. That’s what Kimberly has done — almost like a family member would.”

Parks has worked in the industry for more than 20 years. In her additional role as director of Capstone IT’s North branch, she will lead teams of sellers and recruiters, motivating them toward achieving their goals in 2023.

“I love being able to work alongside amazingly talented people at Capstone IT,” Parks said about her promotion. “I’m lucky to get to collaborate with my clients and coworkers every day to leverage technology and deliver exceptional talent. It’s a rare thing to work for a company that shares your values, and in this new role, I look forward to living those values out to the fullest.”

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