Capstone IT Expands IT Staffing to Serve the Needs of a Surging Salt Lake City Market

Capstone IT Expands IT Staffing to Serve the Needs of a Surging Salt Lake City Market

Salt Lake City, UT. (June 21, 2022) – Capstone IT, an IT staffing services and IT solutions company, has expanded its workforce and operations in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area to better serve the growing business landscape in Utah’s capital. Through a combination of enterprise-level solutions and Servant Partnership™, Capstone IT plans on using expertise with publicly traded corporations and other nationwide contenders, empowering local organizations to grow their capabilities and thrive in the Utah job market.

For over 23 years, Capstone IT has provided thriving businesses throughout the Midwest and beyond with exceptional talent and technical solutions that have enabled them to achieve and accelerate their business goals. Throughout 2021, this Omaha-based business guided customers as they navigated the new norm of the pandemic, increasing their profitability and capabilities along the way.

In addition to their experience, Capstone IT has brought on Abraham Alonso, a seasoned professional well-versed in the challenges and opportunities of the Utah job market. Abraham has over two decades of experience enriching businesses throughout Salt Lake City with best-in-class services and solutions. He combines years of technical knowledge with a strong work ethic to generate success with proven strategies, all of which will be indispensable in his role as Senior Account Manager.

“As one of the fastest-growing states, Utah offers enterprises a blessing and a challenge when it comes to acquiring top IT talent,” said Jim Richards, President of Capstone IT. “There are a growing number of talented tech professionals in the region, drawn to the state by the quality of life and business growth, which has escalated local competition. With our IT staffing experience and Abraham’s expertise, we are ready to elevate the performance and opportunities available to Salt Lake City businesses.”

“I appreciate the opportunity to work with a professional services company that is eager to serve the community at large and equipped to deal with large-scale organizations,” said Abraham. “Salt Lake City businesses will find that Capstone IT brings a bespoke approach to every placement as well as the business acumen to help mature organizations maximize their performance and profitability.”

About Capstone IT

Capstone IT is a national provider of specialized IT staffing services and technology solutions provider based in Omaha. Our specialization in application development, cloud solutions, containerization, and DevOps solutions helps organization navigate complex solutions. Capstone believes in serving people through the transformative power of technology, providing businesses with the opportunity to succeed, grow, and do something bigger.

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