Capstone IT Elevates In-House Leaders in a Year of Growth and Innovation

Capstone IT Elevates In-House Leaders in a Year of Growth and Innovation

Capstone IT, an IT staffing services and IT solutions company, has sustained its production and exceptional service throughout the year to end 2021 strong and with much momentum moving into 2022. The Omaha-based business with regional offices in Kansas City and Salt Lake City has expanded their results, built upon their reputation, and strengthened their relationships in ways that have significantly grown their two lines of business since 2019.

The driving force behind Capstone IT’s growth and profitability in 2021 has been a diverse team of industry veterans and rising leaders. In honor of the hard work and commitment of these tenacious individuals, it has bestowed new titles and promotions upon key individuals to reflect their contributions to this IT staffing and solutions company. Here are the members of the Capstone IT team who have earned this recognition:

  • Glen Tindal, VP of Solutions – Glen transforms strategic visions and objectives into reality, harnessing industry partnerships and the talents of exceptional consultants to perpetually elevate Capstone IT’s standing within the application development, cloud computing, DevOps, and containerization His dedication to dynamic growth and enhancements will keep Capstone IT competitive.
  • Jamie Herbert, VP of Finance and Operations – Jamie undertakes the complex task of aligning recruitment production, financial, marketing and development, contracts, and legal concerns in a way that allows Capstone IT to flourish. His sense of urgency, commitment to excellence, and passion for practicable efficiency will keep this growing organization on the right path.
  • Roger Kipe, VP of Staffing – Roger furnishes the Capstone IT team with strategic direction that has empowered the staffing division to surmount obstacles and expand its reach. He uses his extensive experience to navigate the ever-changing staffing marketplace and enable its IT staffing and solutions business to take calculated and fruitful risks.
  • Eric Owens, Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering – Eric drives successful delivery of Capstone solutions to clients large and small, leveraging extensive industry experience in a wide range of hardware and software domains.  He also leads Capstone’s long-term technology strategy, the growth of the Capstone Solutions team, and the development of Capstone Labs.
  • Isai Peralta, Director of Finance and Administration – Isai has used his drive, versatility, and exceptional business acumen to rise through the ranks at Capstone IT. He always thinks of the big picture and strives to expand his knowledge to not only advance organizational capabilities, but those that directly impact customers and candidates.
  • Trevor Martin, Director of Kansas City Branch – Trevor has been instrumental in the growth of Capstone IT’s presence and reputation in the Kansas City metropolitan area. His sense of initiative and willingness to guide customers, consultants, and members of the Capstone IT team to greater understanding and fulfillment are true assets.

“When people do exceptional work and live our values day-in and day-out, we believe they deserve recognition,” said Jim Richards, President of Capstone IT. “Our business continues to be blessed because of these and numerous other resourceful people who share our values and treat our Servant Partnership™, quality pledge, and heartfelt commitment to the employee experience as their own philosophy. Our customers, our consultants, and our business will continue to flourish because of their unyielding work and innovation.”

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