Shorten System Development Life Cycle

Our experience is that applying automated DevOps practices yields dramatic improvements to the development, operations, and maintenance costs of our customers’ business applications. Industry reports show 20x improvements to developer time from feature-requested, to running successfully in production. Combined with containerization technologies our clients have achieved greater than 50% reduction in overall Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) costs. This has worked for companies with 20 person dev and ops organizations, up to Fortune 100 businesses. We adapt to the realities of the customer’s organization, and execute a crawl, walk, run approach that works for their environment, and results self-sufficient teams at the end of our engagements.


Modernize Traditional Apps

We know that you depend on core legacy applications to make your business run. We also know that these monolithic applications can carry significant operational costs. With Docker’s Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) program, we can make that process easier. You can deploy your core business applications to a modern, portable infrastructure and realize operational savings right away.


Hybrid Cloud

We recognize that a hybrid approach to your cloud strategy could give you the benefits of leveraging your current investments, while also leveraging the benefits the cloud can provide. Check out how Microsoft Azure’s approach to Hybrid Cloud gives you the flexibility to easily manage your assets, no matter where they reside.



Your customers want you to be able to deliver more functionality and reliability at a faster rate. This customer demand has caused organizations like Amazon and Netflix to implement a microservice architecture, enabling them to respond to customer demands and scale faster. We help organizations make this pivot and, as a result, our customers are realizing faster development times, faster developer on-boarding and the ability to scale to meet growing customer demand.

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