Capstone Labs’ Drone Delivery: A Modern Application

Capstone Labs’ Drone Delivery: A Modern Application

Capstone Labs is building an application, Drone Delivery, to support

  • research on architectural ROI for modern enterprise-scale applications
  • knowledge transfer inside Capstone IT as well as to our clients
  • development of new processes and software

Architectural decisions have a foundational effect on the life cycle of development and operational costs for an application. These decisions impact not only architectural style (monolithic, hexagonal, or microservice-based), but also broader aspects of an application as well its:

  • tech stack
  • deployment options
  • influence on team dynamics

Drone Delivery, as a working application built by the Capstone Labs team, will be studied, documented, and demonstrated to clarify the trade-offs that determine the long-term costs for an application. Along the way, we expect that new processes and software will emerge.

This article will review the key requirements that motivate the first version of Drone Delivery; forthcoming articles will delve into additional requirements, its implementation, and its theory of operation.