Capstone AgIT Solutions

We speak Ag. We live I.T.

Capstone Consulting, Inc., provides enterprise solutions to help out clients maximize I.T. investments and drive greater business value. Entire sectors will be changed as more managers use AgIT to better align strategy, execution and customer expectations. We put a wealth of services at your disposal to help you achieve these aims.

Range of Services – Our services and processes are guided by broad expertise across many platforms, software systems, industry sectors and collaborations. Each project is run with intensive quality assurance practices and, bottom line, a focus on the success of our clients.

Business Solutions

Cloud Services – Cloud data storage and software services continue to evolve in essential areas of focus for modern agribusiness.

We can help you:

  • Develop a cloud strategy;
  • Evaluate your infrastructure, software and other assets to access via the cloud;
  • and plan, execute, migrate and manage cloud-based assets and processes.

Process Automation – Agribusiness is vast, complex and dynamic. By capturing timely, actionable intelligence, you can make better, faster decisions with more facts and less guesswork. Streamlining processes breaks down barriers between sales, channel partners and end-users. Ag producers expect you to know them. They prefer tools that help them rapidly get the goods, products, parts or services that reduce downtime and fit their operation. You can do this, automatically, with end-to-end enterprise agility and put customers at the center of all you do.

Custom Solutions

Application Development – Custom applications help you build and maintain adaptable tools for social and mobile enterprises. We use industry standards and best practices, frameworks, methodologies and software. Our experts can help you create new systems, innovate applications or migrate those you have into new environments.

Strategic I.T. – A strategic assessment gets right to the heart of your enterprise. This process is a common starting point where our business experts explore how to get more value from data, processes, people, customers and systems. It reveals what is in the way and shows the way forwards to thrive in a world of new challenges and opportunities.

Enterprise Mobility – Social, mobile analytics and cloud technologies help you reap the benefits of more collaborative, real-time mobile operations. Our experts help you develop a mobile blueprint and work across a diverse range of mobile platform and devices.

Other Services – We have a host of other useful services from leading product management expertise to work-force staffing and coaching from business intelligence services to customer program management from system integration consulting to fully managed date warehouses.

I.T. Staffing

Staffing Solutions – We help our clients obtain the expertise they need on a temporary or permanent basis. We have helped many of our client agribusinesses find success staffing for their I.T. needs.