Meet Our Team

Our mission is to serve people through the power of technology. It’s a mission our team is genuinely committed to living out, every day. But behind every Capstone IT team member is a real human being with real-life stories. We invite you to get to know them a little below!

Roger Brohimer

Technical Recruiter

Roger is a team player. Throughout his career, Roger’s motivation has driven him to take charge and work with others toward a shared goal. Whether in the education field or high-demand projects for the construction industry, he took the initiative and helped the people he served achieve a greater capacity.

As part of the Capstone IT Omaha team, Roger harnesses his energy to connect high-quality IT professionals with top organizations throughout Nebraska and beyond. With his attention to detail and commitment to people, he will ensure that matches benefit both technical talent and our customer organizations.

Outside the office, Roger sustains his same high spirits. He likes to spend his free time on the weekend lifting weights and working out with his wife. Plus, he also likes to feed his passion for travel when he can, hoping to take a trip out to Santorini and Athens in Greece when the time is right.