Digital Transformation Through VMware

Accelerate Your Journey to Application Modernization

Modern, user-friendly applications are critical to delighting your customers and competing in today’s highly digital business landscape. Equally important is an infrastructure that minimizes risk and ensures compliance.

The challenge is in achieving a balance between these two objectives that prioritizes automation, security, and scalability and leads to agility and responsiveness in the way you address the evolving needs of your customers.

It’s a balance that requires enterprise-wide digital transformation – from both an application and infrastructure perspective. VMware Tanzu can help you get there.

VMware Tanzu

Capstone IT partners with VMware Tanzu

to modernize, simplify, and optimize your applications and infrastructure

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increase in software to production
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increase in developer productivity
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increase in operational efficiency
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less time to patch operating systems

The Insight You Need to Do Something Bigger

How Capstone IT Leverages VMware Tanzu for You

VMware Tanzu

Assess & Pilot

We evaluate the current state of your business needs, define deliverables, and implement a pilot project to demonstrate and deliver the initial benefits.

VMware Tanzu

Demonstrate Impact

Then, we collaborate with your team to demonstrate the scalability and true business impact of the pilot project within your larger IT environment.

VMware Tanzu


Finally, we establish and support the transformed software development life cycle, applying benefits across your entire IT estate.

VMware Products for Application Modernization

VMware Tanzu aims to simplify the complex process of application modernization.

Each Tanzu package shares a handful of common principles:
they are open source-aligned, enable multi-cloud environments, and bring Dev and Ops together.

VMware Tanzu

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