CaaS+ by Capstone IT

Containerization & Kubernetes Services

Future-proofing your application portfolio can be a challenging and expensive endeavor. Capstone IT knows this firsthand after working with orchestrated containers for nearly a decade as a Docker Premier Partner. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to successfully work with customers, large and small, during their application modernization journey.

Today, modernization incorporates not just applications and the associated software development lifecycle but the infrastructure as well. Given these business benefits, many providers are starting to offer Containers as a Service (CaaS), but when it comes to Capstone IT, our deep expertise and shared success approach sets our offering apart.

CaaS+ by Capstone IT is our entry into the world of CaaS. Our completely managed service and years of expertise enable us to offer our customers a plan-build-run approach, which is designed to work seamlessly along each step of the modernization journey. The net effect leads to operational savings and business time to value.

CaaS+ by Capstone IT

Modernize Traditional Apps

As a Docker Premier, VMware Advanced, AWS Select, and Azure Gold partner, our team has the proven experience to work with you to increase efficiency, improve security, and create a more agile organization. Our CaaS+ offering reduces your team’s time to deploy as well as associated infrastructure costs.

CaaS+ by Capstone IT

Hybrid and Multi Cloud

A hybrid approach to your cloud strategy gives you the benefit of leveraging current cloud and infrastructure investments. Our CaaS+ offering can co-exist with any cloud solution offering (AWS, Azure, Google, on-premises) to provide ultimate business flexibility.

CaaS+ by Capstone IT


Customers want functionality and reliability at a faster rate. This is why organizations like Amazon and Netflix implement a microservice architecture as they respond to customer demands. We help organizations make this important pivot to meet accelerating market demands.

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