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It’s a tough sell to invest capital in unproven innovation – even if application modernization trends promise to provide breakthrough results. You need the validation of a real-world ROI before you make an investment. Instead of an IT provider that experiments on your dime, you deserve a partner that has skin in the game and is dedicated to expanding your business capacity.  

At Capstone Labs, we explore and work out the kinks with the latest advancements in application modernization on our own time to benefit our customers in advance of their needs. This sandbox allows us to discover the full potential of the technology we want to use and push the limits of our creativity.

As a result, our customers receive a concrete demonstration of what application modernization projects can achieve as well as verification the investment will deliver. It’s your way to remove your risk and still give you the full reward!

Meet the Capstone Labs Team

Eric Owens

Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering 

Ken Rider

Solution Architect

David Thompson

Solution Architect

Chuck Waid

Solution Engineer

Rabia Ahmad

Solution Engineer

Sonny George

Solution Architect

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