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How Pods access Kubernetes DNS in Docker EE, part two

This is part two of a two-part blog about internal DNS resolution and network access for Pods in Kubernetes. In part one we looked at how internal DNS services are configured in Kubernetes and how DNS resolution is configured for containers in Pods for user workloads. In this part, we will look at h...
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How Pods access Kubernetes DNS in Docker EE, part one

Service discovery is one of the important benefits of using a container/Pod orchestrator. When you create a Service in Kubernetes, controllers running behind the scenes create an entry in the cluster’s DNS records so that other applications deployed in the cluster can look up the Service using its...
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Kubernetes NetworkPolicies in Docker Enterprise Edition

Kubernetes running under Docker UCP uses the Calico CNI plugin so that you can use Kubernetes NetworkPolices to control pod to pod communication and communication between pods and other network endpoints. This blog post will walk you through an example of configuring Kubernetes NetworkPolices. We w...
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