Application modernization


Containerization and cloud computing

As businesses grow and expand and technologies innovate and advance, there is an increasing need for better systems and faster deployment. As part of our Business Solutions practice, we have partnered with Docker and Azure to deliver solutions for MTA, Microservices, and Hybrid-Cloud.

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Modernize traditional apps

We know that you depend on core legacy applications to make your business run. We also know that these monolithic applications can carry significant operational costs. With Docker’s Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) program, we can make that process easier. You can deploy your core business applications to a modern, portable infrastructure and realize operational savings right away.

Hybrid cloud

We recognize that a hybrid approach to your cloud strategy could give you the benefits of leveraging your current investments, while also leveraging the benefits the cloud can provide. Check out how Microsoft Azure’s approach to Hybrid Cloud gives you the flexibility to easily manage your assets, no matter where they reside.

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Your customers want you to be able to deliver more functionality and reliability at a faster rate. This customer demand has caused organizations like Amazon and Netflix to implement a microservice architecture, enabling them to respond to customer demands and scale faster. We help organizations make this pivot and, as a result, our customers are realizing faster development times, faster developer on-boarding and the ability to scale to meet growing customer demand.


Process automation

Working smarter, not harder, is the key to keeping employees happy and staying ahead of the competition. We can help you leverage AI and automate your processes. 

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Business processes are an integral part of any organization. Whether those processes are around your CRMBPM, or ERP system, enabling your business users to create and manage automated interactive business processes is key to realizing operation efficiencies.

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Today’s organizations are data rich with information coming from both internal and external sources, but that data is not always actionable. We go through the process of truly understanding your organization’s data estate and work with you to leverage the relevant market/business intelligence to drive your business forward.

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In the 24/7/365, business automation is key to keeping up with customer demand. RPA is designed to use a software robot to interact with an existing application (e.g. CRM, ERP) or website in the same way that a person works within those systems. We can help you deploy these bots to generate revenue work, allowing your line of business users to focus on revenue generating activities.

Content management

Businesses are constantly receiving data and information that needs to be put somewhere. This constant information influx creates a need for management. Using content management we can help your enterprise organize, store, and deliver information needed to keep your company operating smoothly and efficiently.


Many organizations invest in technologies to improve the flow of data, but they still struggle with costly process bottlenecks caused by inefficient, manual data entry and validation steps. We work with organizations to streamline their capture processes and eliminate inefficient data acquisition by implementing solutions from our partner Kofax.

Content management

Today’s digital environment is resulting in large amounts of content. Whether that content consists of electronic documents, invoices, contracts, videos, or audio files, it is constantly multiplying. Because content is multiplying, organizations want to search and access relevant content quickly. We partner with Hyland to deliver the OnBase Enterprise Content Management (ECM) turnkey enterprise content management solutions. This solution allows your users to access their content when and where they need it.

Customer communications

Customers want to be able to communicate with their service providers using a communication method of their choosing. Effective customer communication can make or break sales and customer retention numbers. We understand the importance of effective customer communications when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers. That’s why we work with our partner, Kofax, to deliver industry leading customer communication solutions.