Our AI and Machine Learning practice can help you sort through the AI hype with a pragmatic approach to incorporating AI into your business.

Computer vision

Need to detect how many customers enter your store? Want to know where they spend their time? Maybe you need to know how many weeds are in your crop rows or how close to harvest you are. Our work with computer vision creates custom solutions to generate the business insights you need from pictures and/or streaming video. Our solutions can provide summary statistics or alert you in real time.

Natural language processing

Whether it's analyzing calls to gauge customer sentiment or searching through scanned case files for trends, our team of data scientists can apply the latest research in natural language processing to your business problems.

Predictive modeling

Our data scientists have experience working with time series analysis. The list of past projects includes predictions of rare events, such as tactical satellite maneuvers (for intelligence), price anomalies (for transportation), detection of gravitational-wave signals (for LIGO). If you have large sources of data, we can help process it into meaningful insights.



Peter comes to us with a finance and accounting background. He excels at creating and deploying computer vision solutions, modeling time series data and translating client goals into actionable frameworks. He utilizes a wide-range of technical solutions including Tensorflow, Pytorch, Python including Pandas/Numpy/Scikit-Learn/Opencv, Keras and XGBoost.

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