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Capstone Consulting announces the opening of its Colorado Branch.

2 years ago written by JesseRichards

Omaha, Nebraska. June 30, 2015 Omaha-based Capstone Consulting is please to announce the opening of its Colorado branch headed by Jim vanEttinger. Colorado becomes the fourth location for Capstone, adding to Raleigh NC; Timisoara, Romania; and the Omaha headquarters. Founded in 1998, the company just broke the 85-employee mark, double the 2012 headcount. Jim vanEttinger […]


Working on a Scrum Team Class

2 years ago written by Capstone

Capstone Consulting will be holding a two-day “Working on a Scrum Team” class April 27-28, 2015 at our office in Omaha, Nebraska.


Where do we start?

2 years ago written by MatthewJon

Having the opportunity to meet with individuals at varying points in their career and across a multiplicity of industries, has provided the opportunity to see into the people, processes, tools and data that encompass the business world around us and the importance of the human element.


Capstone Appears in the Midlands Business Journal

3 years ago written by Capstone

Read the article featuring Capstone Consulting in the Midlands Business Journal


Custom Application or Out Of the Box (OOB)

4 years ago written by RogerKipe

One of the questions that every company faces at one time or another is, “Do we build this application or buy a commercial product off the shelf?” It is this question that I would like to discuss in this blog.