Custom Solutions

Our consultants help transform your business by enhancing productivity, unlocking innovation and driving corporate performance.

Solutions That Meet the Most Challenging of IT Problems

Our Custom Solutions Practice at Capstone has successfully been delivering for our clients since 1999.  Drawing on our experience in several major industries, we develop solutions that meet the most challenging of IT problems. The Customer Solutions Practice is made up of following three components:  Strategic IT, Project Leadership, and Software Development/Integration.

Strategic IT – Results You Expect

In a world growing more virtual and global by the day, reimagining business means not only reducing costs but unleashing new forms of innovation, operational flexibility and business capabilities that fuel top- and bottom-line growth. Capstone will get you there through a proven and structured process that defines your needs and goals, gains the backing of key stakeholders and brings discipline as well as pragmatic business thinking to the execution process.

Reduce Average Product Delivery Time
We helped a leading healthcare company significantly reduce their average product delivery time by implementing an agile software development framework supported by a project prioritization process.

Reduce Client Turnover
For a non-profit small business services provider, Capstone helped reduce client turnover by enriching the client’s experience on the provider’s website, supporting it with data governance and process improvement frameworks.

Improve Product Quality
We helped a Fortune 500 company improve their product quality by simplifying and standardizing the quality management process across multiple systems using a centralized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool.

Reduce Operating Costs and Improved Inventory Management
For a leading architectural and engineering firm, Capstone identified ways to reduce operating costs by implementing a risk management framework for the clients’ engineering development methodology.

Software Development/Integration

All too often, software companies offer development skills without the rudder of business acumen. At Capstone, we know that understanding your overarching business goals is the key to developing successful software. That’s why each of our engagements begin with a full understanding of your industry and business model.

Custom software development is a two part engagement with Capstone.  First, Capstone will engage your business in an initial consultation.  During this phase, Capstone invests time getting to know each client’s business processes and goals. This enables Capstone to see around corners and provide guidance on the best way to create value when developing custom software for the client, with no surprises.

The second phase of the engagement is for Capstone to partner with the client to custom develop software in one of two approaches.

We can either assume complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems, or Capstone will work in cooperation with the client’s IT professionals to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate systems.  Both of these approaches are done successfully using Capstone’s Agile Methodology (CAM).