Business Solutions

We live in a world of data abundance, but are underwhelmed by scarcity of insights.

Cloud Computing and Business Process Automation.

Given Information Technology continues to accelerate the adoption of automated workflows, virtualization and cloud computing, Capstone Consulting decided to create our new Business Solutions practice in July of 2015. This new practice combines our long standing software development and integration expertise with industry leading partners to drive success for our Customers. The Business Solutions Practice will initially focus in two strategic areas: Cloud Computing and Business Process Automation.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) are the building blocks of a comprehensive Cloud strategy and our Practice will embrace these areas to help our Customers implement the optimal Cloud Computing Environment. Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Computing are all implementation examples and Capstone Consulting will work with our Customers to architect, design and deploy any solution option.

Beyond infrastructure deployments, a common goal of our Customers is the creation of a Service Oriented Architecture where Services are created in hours or minutes and deployed quickly as a response to a dynamic competitive marketplace. Accordingly, our Business Solutions Practice has a second strategic focus on Business Process Automation. Here we seek to deliver automated solutions that make information-intensive interactions faster, simpler, and smarter.

Over time, our Business Solutions Practice seeks to expand our capabilities as the Information Technology industry evolves.

Business Process Automation

Making the FirstMile™ smarter

Today’s customers are sophisticated, connected and empowered. They expect business interactions to be as easy, fast and convenient as buying a song on iTunes. They insist on transaction accuracy and they demand visibility into the process. Bottom line – customers want to engage on their terms, including using their mobile device to conduct business from anywhere, anytime.

Through our partnership with Kofax, Capstone is able to combine our seasoned IT knowledge and expertise with Kofax industry-leading process automation software. These high-value solutions help your organization engage and serve customers. By solving problems with best-in-class tools for these information-intensive, real-time interactions, you can reduce make it easier to conduct business with your company, eliminate costly problems and grow sales.

Getting started: To make it easier to get change under way we commonly start with these solutions:

Kofax Kapow™ – The fastest and most efficient way to acquire, enhance and deliver information – especially from websites and web portals – into enterprise applications.

Kofax Mobile Capture™ – Smartphones with more dynamic apps meet customers where they are, when they want to be engaged, and on their preferred channel.

Analytics – Custom dashboards and other data presentation tools can now be put together with drop and drag convenience. Put knowledge at the fingertips of your organization, wherever and whenever your people need it.